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What is is an online store carrying new and old action figures and other collectible items. It is a one man operation run by me, Nick Lopez. I have been a fan of comics and toys (especially Marvel) for about 20 years. I work a full-time job as an Equiment Maintenance Technician at semiconductor manufacturer try to maintain and in my "free time" although I would like to do it full time. I started out selling on YEARS AGO and had tons of positive feedback. Currently have a 100% positive feedback on eBay which I have been selling on for years and have always had really cheap prices. Now you can buy the things you want without waiting for the auctions and still get the same low price!
     Most of my merchandise (unless stated) have Mint or Near Mint unopened packages and Mint figures (M/NM IMB, M/NM OMC) although I have a few "loose/complete" figures for sale.
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How to Purchase:

   If you see anything you are interested in please Contact Me, including your zip code/location to calculate shipping, and I can give you the total cost for the item(s).
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Refund Policy:

Returns and refunds are only accepted if the item I send is not as described. OPENED PACKAGES WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.
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Release Dates:
I do not control when I receive items from manufacturers. Many times I am given estimates to work with (usually the month), but usually do not know for sure when I will receive the items until I get shipment confirmation. Therefore, I can only provide estimates on when a product will arrive. Even if you may see the items available in stores or elsewhere I still am only able to ship you the items when I receive them. Items will normally ship within 1-2 business days of receiving.

I am asking for a 50% deposit (not including shipping) up front which allows me to put in the order that I need. The balance will be due upon arrival. Please do not order if you may have to cancel. As an individual I have to be mindful of what I order and how much it is, not to mention storage space. I will send an email when I get shipment confirmation stating that the balance is due. Refunds will be granted upon request if the month in which was estimated the package would come in passes. i.e. Item is scheduled to ship sometime in November. I will refund you in December if you decide not to wait.
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I pretty much exclusively use USPS Priority Mail but can use Standard Post (formally Parcel Post) for heavier items. It's the only time it really makes a difference. Most Priority Mail costs are nearly the same as Standard now. I also ship internationally with much success over the years. I accept and prefer Paypal for payments and will send an invoice for your purchase. In some cases I can try and work out an alternate method of payment.
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